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An institution that is built with good people and excellent expertise has put utmost efforts to appoint best medical professionals across the globe. Our medical experts have made sure that the hospital is well equipped with world-class technology. We have the credentials to match the highest global standards of healthcare. We have achieved this because of our well trained and experienced panel of medical experts.

The hospital has a line-up of highly experienced Orthopaedic surgeons and doctors capable to treat a wide spectrum of joint and bone ailments striking a human body Axis hospital is the one of the few hospitals in Mumbai to be performing fast track surgeries The hospital has been granted accreditation by ISO 9001:2015 by the quality management system There are specialized clinics such as trauma and fracture management, joint replacement open round-the-clock The joint replacement and orthopaedic unit is considered to be the best units in Mumbai

The surgeons at Axis hospital make use of minimally invasive surgeries for joint replacements so as to provide minimum pain to patients undergoing it Patients visiting the hospital receive a holistic approach & specialized personal care, with various personalized healthcare packages crafted with quality patient care & comfort in mind.

Our Vision

To be universally respected for excellence in patient care

Our Mission

To provide healing to people from all walks of life

Our Values

Care | Safety
Excellence | Integrity

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"Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment."

Why Choose Us

We have appointed well trained and experienced panel of medical experts. We believe in bringing the best of everything while treating patients; and we have achieved that and made sure we keep caring, for life.

  • Medical Counseling

    Before any treatment we see to it there is a proper counseling session arranged for the patient to prepare him/her mentally for the treatment.

  • Professional services

    Our team of doctors, nurses and front office are well trained to give the best services while your hospital visit.

  • 24 Hours service

    We are available and ready with our efficient services for any emergency at any time of the day.

  • Qualified medical facilities

    All the facilities for any treatments that are made available for the patients are qualified and licensed.

  • Top level doctors

    All the doctors are well trained, experienced and are experts in their own field. They follow smooth protocols when it comes to treat patients.

  • Dedicated patient care

    We have a qualified, experienced and docile team of nurses who are best while taking care of patients.



Axis Hospital has the profound reputation of being one of the best orthopedic centers in the country in our hospital. We believe in excellence and innovation. We are always ahead to offer the latest in Orthopedic treatments and Orthopedic surgical advancements and we are always successful to match all the global standards.

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The distinguished doctors of the Gynaecology department at Axis Multispecialty Hospital serve every woman with compassion and empathetic care at every stage of their life. Our team of highly trained and experienced doctors who are advancing in the field of gynaecology ensure outstanding patient care, and treat them with all the advanced technology and follow the global standards.

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Preventive cardiology


The department of Preventive Cardiology in our hospital provides skilled services to patients suffering from cardiovascular disease and also to those who are extremely close to developing it. Our Hospital organizes some exclusive programs that are specially designed to reduce risk factors and prevent the cardiovascular disease from getting depleted further.

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Diabetes and Hypertension


The approach in managing Diabetes is more proactive than reactive. Along with keeping patients' blood glucose levels low, we put in efforts to enhance their overall quality of life. Patient education is a crucial factor in managing Diabetes & we keep them at the centre of this process.

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Varicose vein


Varicose veins are popularly known as visibly tortuous, ugly looking veins of the legs. These veins dilated veins in legs are also known as a spider vein because of the formation of smaller bunches. Among Indians Varicose Veins is an extremely common phenomenon and they land up in the hospital only after crossing the advanced stage due to lack of knowledge.

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Gastroenterology deals with diseases of the stomach, esophagus, colon and rectum, small intestine, gallbladder, pancreas, bile ducts and liver. The whole functioning of the digestive system is looked after. It involves the passing of food through the digestive canal to the physiological processes of food digestion. The absorption and elimination of food comes under the purview of gastroenterology.

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Laparoscopy is also known as Minimal Invasive Surgery or a Diagnostic Laparoscopy. It is a surgical diagnostic procedure that involves examination of the organs inside the abdomen. This surgery involves minimum risks. The surgery is assisted by a video camera and several thin instruments. It makes a small incision and inserts the camera and the instruments that allow the surgeon to perform the surgery.

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Ear, Nose and throat


ENT department deals with the various problems pertaining to ear, nose and throat; from ear lobe repair to microscopic surgery of vocal folds, every treatment is attended and treated by a specialist. Our ENT department is one of the best in the city. The department is led by experienced and renowned ENT specialists. They are trained from one of the best institutes of India. There are modern, latest equipments made from innovative technology for surgery and diagnosis.

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Cosmetology department at Axis Multispecialty Hospital is led by some top most cosmetic surgeons. The department is well-equipped and is proficient to handle all kinds of cosmetology requirements. The doctors treat and also provide the emotional support to a few patients who have turned to cosmetology due to any kind of accident or trauma. The department is efficient in offering surgical and full medical services to the patients.

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Obesity Clinic


When a person’s accumulated body fat starts giving negative effect on their normal health, it is indeed an alarming stage. This indicates the person’s obesity condition has reached to a level where he/she is inclined towards problems like heart disease, fatty liver, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, blood pressure, etc.

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Physical medicine and rehabilitation is popularly known as Physiotherapy. This helps to cure injury, disability or illness through exercises, movements, and manual & machine therapy. In short this therapy impairments, remediates and helps the patient to regain his/her mobility, and better quality of life. This is only possible with timely diagnosis, examination and physical intrusion.

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