Obesity and Knee Pain

Have you ever loaded your car with plenty of luggage or more people than its actual capacity, you must have noticed that the ride was not at all smooth? The shock absorbers did not perform well as it used to perform at the lighter weight. Similarly, if you are obese, your knees will also be in a rough ride. The bones around your knees are covered with cartilage which helps your thighbone to function smoothly. When you are carrying more weight than you should, you are damaging your cartilage. This is also called as osteoarthritis. Living with extra body fats also releases a hormone called leptin, which is responsible for osteoarthritis. Being overweight not only affects knees, but also the ankles and hips. They also face broken ankles; hip dislocations slip disc problems.

We all wish to be fit and fine. The one and only key to get rid of osteoarthritis is to shred some excess weight on your body. Losing weight cannot repair the damage that is already done to your joints, but by losing some you can slow down the further progression of the disease. Losing weight needs lot of attention, good eating habits but believe that it is extremely beneficial for your joints.

Experts say that Osteoarthritis is the most common reason for knee replacement operation. Knee pain for longer span of time. TKR i.e. Total Knee Replacement is a very common surgery performed by many knee surgery experts all over the globe. A total knee replacement is a surgical process whereby the damaged knee joint is replaced with artificial material. The knee is a hinge joint (L Shaped) which provides motion at the point where the thigh meets the lower leg. Depending on the condition in which your knee is, your orthopaedic experts can also advise you to go under the Total Knee Replacement Surgery which has good end results among the people who already done it. People who are scared of these surgeries and are not at all willing to go under any surgery can work aggressively on shredding some of your weight.

Losing weight is a tedious task but if done well one can live life to the fullest. Eating habits play very important role in losing weight quickly without any harsh surgeries. One should see that one eats ample amount proteins in their regular routine diet, by cutting of stiff carbohydrates. Proteins will make your muscles healthier living behind beautiful results on your body. Exercise is the most important aspect which you should undoubtedly include in your fitness routine. Swimming or hydro walking will show you guaranteed results because it is extremely hectic and very effective exercise for people who are obese. Cardiovascular exercises with great nutritional habits will help you lose those extra fat layers making you look amazing and help you fit in your old denims!